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Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed to excited fans of the model 3 electric car at an evening event in Hawthorne, California. According to musk, the new car has 215 miles (346 km) of power reserve.

The starting price of the Model 3 is $35,000. Acceleration to 60 mph in 6 seconds. Musk said that a future version of the car will be much faster. Perhaps more powerful versions of Tesla Model 3 will be shown in the second part of the event.

At the moment we were shown three electric cars of red, Matt gray and silver color. Some details of Model 3 resembles the Model X.




Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, developed the Model S and Model X in January talked about the goal to create a style that will please clients for many years. And that's what he did with Model 3.

The appearance of the new electric vehicle is clean and has a concise design, typical of concept cars.


Panoramic glass roof

The roof of the Tesla Model 3 is made of glass entirely, which allows you to enjoy a beautiful view from any seat in the car.



Central display

In Model 3, Tesla used a smaller display size 15", contrast 17" display in the Model S and Model X. the Touch screen is installed in a horizontal position, presumably to show more information without scrolling. Model 3 does not have a dashboard on the driver's side. Speedometer and other indicators are displayed on the Central screen.


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