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The traditional rating of the most expensive brands in the world was the Forbes edition. In the list of 100 brands got 12 car brands, and the most expensive of them was recognized by Toyota. The Japanese brand took the 6th place in the overall rating, its value was estimated at 42, 1 billion dollars or 11% more than in 2015.

Second place among car manufacturers took the BMW. In the overall ranking of Bavarians took 14th place, and the cost of the brand was estimated at 28.8 billion dollars (+4% compared to 2015). In third place the most expensive car brands was Mercedes-Benz, which got the 20th place in the overall ranking with a result of 26 billion dollars (+16%).

Also in the TOP 5 most expensive car brands in the world included Honda (23rd place in the overall ranking, 25.2 billion dollars) and Ford (35th place, 14.1 billion dollars). In addition, the list of the 100 most expensive brands includes Audi (36th place), Chevrolet (59th), Lexus (63rd), Porsche (67th), Nissan (70th), Hyundai (71st) and Volkswagen (77th).

Note that the most expensive brands in the world of all Forbes experts recognized Apple (154.1 billion dollars), Google (82.5 billion dollars) and Microsoft (75.2 billion dollars).

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