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The Chinese company Le Eco has shared the first information about the new electric car


The novelty called LeSEE will be officially presented at the Beijing international motor show.

The letters SE in the title of the new electric car are interpreted as "Super electric ecosystem", and the car manufacturer calls not only an electric car with a "intelligent" connection.


Although the technical nuances of the LeSEE project have not yet been disclosed, we know some details about the novelty. For example, Le Eco worked with experts from Aston Martin and Faraday Future on the platform of the new electric car. It is known that LeSEE will be able to accelerate to 210 km/h, and the acceleration dynamics and power reserve will be "better than Tesla Model S". In addition, the LeSEE will be able to move in an unmanned mode to recognize voice commands.


 It is also known that the car will support a new cloud service LeSEE, through which passengers and drivers will receive new opportunities — for example, will be able to watch live video or customize your individual playlist.

And LeSEE can be rented as a car from car-sharing. At least, the Chinese company wants to move away from the usual scheme of ownership of the machine. And understand, is free electric car or not, can be will on a special illuminating in's front parts of car body.



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