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May 1, Kazakhstan celebrates people's unity Day.

In 1996 the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree on declaring may 1 as the Day of unity of people of Kazakhstan.

On the occasion of the celebration of unity Day this year, Kazakhstanis relax for three days-1.2 and 3 may. Theatrical performances, festive concerts, festivals, processions and demonstrations will be held in all regions of the country during three festive days.

The main may day event will be held on the Central square of Astana, where the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev is expected to address.


Preservation of interethnic and interreligious harmony is one of the main priorities of Kazakhstan's policy. In the Republic since 1995 there is an Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, which is chaired by the head of state. The main task of the organization is to develop proposals for the implementation of state policy that promotes the development of friendly relations between representatives of more than 100 ethnic groups living in the country.

On the eve of the holiday in Kazakhstan adopted the Doctrine of national unity."If at the stage of formation of the state the main task was the consolidation of society on the basis of interethnic tolerance and social harmony, at the new stage of development of the country the strategic priority is the achievement of national Unity based on the recognition of a common system of values and principles for all citizens," the document stresses.

For all Kazakhstanis this holiday is filled with special meaning. After all, it is in our country, figuratively speaking, more than 150 nationalities coexist peacefully under a single Shanyrak.


Since the first days of independence, the head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev has paid great attention to the preservation of peace in our land. Thanks to this, Kazakhstan has become an example of harmony and unity for many countries. In all achievements of the Republic there is a significant contribution of the unique public institution - the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, and the state creates all conditions for the preservation and development of culture and traditions of representatives of all ethnic groups living in the country. Peaceful sky over our heads will allow us to take to the streets of our native cities and villages to celebrate the day of unity of the peoples of Kazakhstan.


As a set of the sun rays illuminating these spring days our homeland gives life to young sprouts, and the variety of the nationalities living on the earth of Kazakhstan brings the contribution to formation and prosperity of the state. There are few countries in the world that, like Kazakhstan, boast such a diversity of ethnic groups living in peace and harmony under the common Shanyrak.


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