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Congratulations on the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War


Dear compatriots, we heartily congratulate you on the victory day in the great Patriotic War! We are immensely grateful to all veterans for all the difficulties, hardships, losses that have fallen on their lives. Dear veterans, thanks to Your victory, we now live in a free country, and in spite of everything we will always remember your service to the Motherland. Thank you for our happy life, and for the free future of our generations. We are proud of you!!! Eternal memory and glory heroically fought wars to the winners of the great Patriotic War!!!

Victory day is a national holiday in the Republic of Kazakhstan, held annually on may 9 to mark the victory in the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945.

The great Patriotic war is the most important and decisive part of the Second world war (1939-1945), unleashed by fascist Germany and unfolded in a just liberation struggle of the peoples of the USSR for freedom and independence against the countries of the aggressive Hitler coalition.

The great Patriotic war began at dawn on June 22, 1941, when Nazi Germany, violating the Soviet-German treaties of 1939, attacked the Soviet Union. Romania, Italy, Slovakia, Finland, Hungary and Norway spoke on its side a few days later.

The war lasted for almost four years and was the largest armed conflict in human history. On a huge front, stretching fr om the Barents to the Black sea, on both sides in different periods fought from 8 million to 12.8 million people, used from 5.7 thousand to 20 thousand tanks and assault guns, from 84 thousand to 163 thousand guns and mortars, from 6.5 thousand to 18.8 thousand aircraft. Such a huge scope of hostilities and the concentration of such a large mass of military equipment, the history of wars has not yet known.

день победы.jpg

The Soviet Union needed to take extraordinary measures to organize resistance to the invaders and radical restructuring of the life of the state, turning the country into a single camp to fight the enemy. The whole country stood up to fight against the oppressors. At the front and behind the people of all Nations and nationalities United by one goal - to survive and win.

великая отечественная война.jpg

From the first hours and days in the territory of Kazakhstan formation of military units and divisions began. Just was formed 12 rifle, 4 cavalry divisions, seven brigades, about 50 separate regiments and battalions of various arms. Three cavalry divisions and two infantry brigades were Kazakh national.

великая отечественная война в рк.jpg

Already in 1941, the plan of the lightning war, during which the German command planned to seize the entire Soviet Union for several months, failed. Persistent defense of Leningrad, the Arctic, Kiev, Odessa, Sevastopol, Smolensk battle contributed to the failure of Hitler's plan lightning war.

вторая мировая война.jpg

During the war, the army was called 1 366 thousand Kazakhs. 670 thousand people were mobilized to work in the industry. At the same time, about 1.5 million people evacuated and repressed arrived on the territory of Kazakhstan.

During the war, when most of the territory was lost, wh ere strategic resources and production were concentrated, the role of Kazakhstan increased immeasurably. War demanded increase in production of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, coal and oil industry, rare metals. 220 plants and factories were evacuated to Kazakhstan. The Republic gave 85% of lead, 35 copper, 60 molybdenum, 65 bismuth, 79 polymetallic ores. Karaganda miners during the war years gave 34 million tons of coal, a 39% increase in oil production. Rural workers became famous. The world record for the cultivation of grain set sh Berkaev, I. Zhakhaev. Increased livestock evacuated and rescued the cattle shepherd J. Mukashev and Tabunscic sh Sugaipova. Many others, awarded the title of heroes of Labor, became famous.

The country survived, the course of events broke. Soviet soldiers defeated Nazi troops near Moscow, Stalingrad and Leningrad, the Caucasus, inflicted crushing blows to the enemy on the Kursk bulge, right-Bank Ukraine and Belarus, in the Iasi-Kishinev, Vistula-Oder and Berlin operations.

For nearly four years of war the Soviet Armed Forces defeated 607 divisions of the fascist bloc. On the Eastern front, German troops and their allies lost more than 8.6 million people. More than 75% of the enemy's weapons and military equipment were seized and destroyed.

The real heroism was shown by the people of Kazakhstan on the fronts of the great Patriotic war. One of the first attack of fascists took over the legendary defenders of the Brest fortress the people of Kazakhstan V. Fursov K. Turdiyev. Soldiers of Kazakhstan covered themselves with unfading glory in the battle for Moscow. In the defense and blockade of Leningrad was actively involved 310-314 I-I division of Kazakhstan, and only in Leningrad fought the third Kazakh groups. In the battle of Stalingrad involved five infantry, cavalry division, naval infantry brigade, mortar regiment and a separate bridge battalion formed in Kazakhstan. The Hero of the Soviet Union pilot karagandinets N. performed feats here at the cost of his own life. Abdirov and mortar K. Spataev, Lieutenant G. Rabaev and others. Thousands of Kazakhstanis laid down their heads, covering themselves with military glory near Kursk, in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine and Belarus, the Baltic States and Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Austria. In the battle for Berlin was one of the first hoisted the victory banner over the Reichstag R. Koshkarbayev. Thousands of Kazakhstanis were members of the guerrilla movement, the Resistance movement, the war in the far East and the defeat of the Kwantung army of Japan.

For feats in the great Patriotic war about 500 Kazakhstanis were awarded the title Of hero of the Soviet Union, 110 Kazakhstanis were awarded the order of Glory of three degrees. Killed in battle, died of wounds and disease, has gone missing and not returned from captivity 630 thousand. This means that every second Kazakhstani, who took up arms, laid his head on the altar of Victory.

герой советского союза Алия Молдагулова.jpg

герой КазССР.jpg

герой КазССР 2.jpg

The war, which tragically entered almost every Soviet family, ended with the victory of the USSR. The act of unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany was signed in the suburbs of Berlin on may 8 at 22: 43 CET (Moscow time on may 9 at 0:43). It is because of this time difference that the end of world war II day is celebrated in Europe on may 8, and in the USSR and then in Russia on may 9.

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In the Soviet Union may 9 was declared the Day of Victory over Nazi Germany by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 8 may 1945. The decree on may 9 declared "the day of the national celebration to mark the victorious end of the great Patriotic war of the Soviet people against Nazi invaders and the historical victories of the red Army, which culminated in the complete defeat of Hitler's Germany, which declared unconditional surrender". By the decree of may 9 was declared a day off.

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May 9, 1945 widely held folk festivals, political meetings. In the squares and parks of cities and villages was made by the collectives of Amateur performances, and popular actors of theatre and cinema, played orchestras. At 21 o'clock the address to the Soviet people was made by the Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars Joseph Stalin. 22 hours on the orders of the Supreme commander of the armed forces Marshal of the Soviet Union of Stalin was produced fireworks 30 artillery salvoes from 1000 guns (this number was first used in the history of the wars). After the salute dozens of aircraft dropped over Moscow garlands of colored missiles in the squares flashed numerous sparklers.гуляния в честь дня победы.jpg

площадь Москвы в день победы в великой отечественной войне.jpg

площадь Москвы в день победы в великой отечественной войне 41-45.jpg

празднования 9 мая 1945 года.jpg

участники ВОВ.jpg

участники ВОВ 2.jpg


The weekend of may 9 was only three years. In December 1947 issued a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, according to which the day of may 9 - victory day over Germany - was declared a working day. And only in the year of the twentieth anniversary of the Victory by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of April 26, 1965 the day of may 9 was again declared a non-working day.

The holiday was given exclusively solemn status, established a special jubilee medal. May 9, 1965 on red square in Moscow was held a military parade in front of the troops carried the Banner of Victory.

Since then Victory Day has always been celebrated in the USSR very solemnly. Streets and squares decorated with flags and banners. At 7 p.m. a minute of silence was declared in memory of the victims. Mass meetings of veterans in the center of Moscow have become traditional.

In Kazakhstan, this holiday is attached great importance, as this date symbolizes the protection of the Motherland and the people from enemies. In addition, many people of Kazakhstan, showing heroism and courage, died defending their Homeland.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Victory Day is celebrated on two days — may 9 and 10. Charity events and various events are held throughout the month. On may 9, all educational and cultural institutions of Kazakhstan hold numerous festive events dedicated to the memory of the heroes of the war. In order to ensure that the new generation does not forget its history, the government organizes meetings and conversations with veterans. In addition, the state provides regular assistance to all veterans of the great Patriotic War, held celebrations for veterans.

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