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Respected defenders of the Fatherland! We heartily congratulate you on your holiday! We wish you a peaceful sky over your head, happiness to your family and friends, stability and good health!

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Since 1992, may 7 in Kazakhstan is celebrated as”defender of the Fatherland Day". The date is connected with the fact that on may 7, 1992 the President of Kazakhstan (who is the Supreme commander) Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a decree on the establishment of the national armed forces.

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  On October 4, 2012, the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan considered and adopted the provision on "on making additions to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan"on holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan". According to him, may 7 is
declared a public holiday and is a day off.

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  This day represents at the same time the chronicle of heroic feats of Kazakhstan and the continuity of traditions of service to the Fatherland. This holiday, which is designed to enhance the prestige and image of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan both within the country and abroad.

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During 25 years of development of the statehood Kazakhstan always paid special attention to strengthening of defense capability of the country, construction of modern and professional army.

The armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan are characterized by a high level of intensity of combat training, high-quality mobilization reserve, a network of national military schools and the necessary material and technical support.

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Our servicemen demonstrate an example of high professional training, coherence and combat training.

Service in the Armed forces has become an honorary duty of every citizen of Kazakhstan, a powerful moral school of patriotism, based on the heroic and martial traditions of older generations.

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