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"The Drivers Of Astana! soon the 5 streets will be one-sided. Post the correct diagram. Wait for the details tomorrow morning," - said in Twitter a press-the Secretary of "Astana LRT" Aigul Jamalova.

single-sided street.jpg

According to the published scheme, single-sided will be the Kenesary street (moving westward), Abay (moving eastward), Zheltoksan St. (southbound) and Mukhtar Auezov street (heading North). Also one-way traffic will be on Adolf Yanushkevych street (movement towards the left coast).

According to the information on the Astana LRT website, the main advantage of one-way traffic is to reduce the number of conflict points and, above all, to eliminate the conflict of oncoming traffic. The number of conflict points at intersections has been particularly reduced.

As noted, the mode of one-way traffic is introduced by setting a special sign indicating the beginning of the site with one-way traffic and an arrow that indicates the direction of the established movement.

According to preliminary data of experts, the introduction of this innovation will increase the average speed of traffic flow to 33 percent, increase capacity to 25 percent and reduce delays at intersections to 27 - 29 percent.

We remind that at the reporting meeting with the population head of the city reported that in the spring of this year four streets will become one-sided. There are Auezov, Zheltoksan, Abay and Kenesary streets.

single-sided street 1.jpg

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