Trip to the country

Make your choice of vehicle before going outside the city and book the most suitable vehicle that will correspond to the road conditions, because every type of vehicle is special and can be used individually depending on optimal capacity and taking into consideration an optimal cost of each type of vehicles to be rented.

Enjoy your journey while travelling in a company of your friends, colleagues and relatives during your trip outside the Astana city to resort, historical, cultural, wildlife places of Kazakhstan choosing an optimal vehicle type suitable in regards of capacity:

- for up to 8 persons the best option is to book a minivan;

- for up to 18 persons we suggest you to choose a minibus;

- for up to 50 persons - bus.

Exciting touristic resources and large geography of Kazakhstan cities gives you an occasion to use a business class car services for trips to the country and for long-distance travels.

Time spent on road will be unforgettably comfortable and enjoyable when booking a premium class car for a trip to the country and across lands of Kazakhstan.

If booking an off-road vehicle for a trip to the country you will enjoy unique capabilities of this car with which even the most impassable road will be passed surely; and you will have not only unforgettable impressions from a discovered places but also memories of your trip by a modern comfortable vehicle.

Fill up an preliminary cost calculation of your trip to the country and be sure to specify:

- model of a vehicle;

- trip route with taking into consideration date of departure, stay at your destination and return;

- date about movement at your destination (to be agreed separately);

- your additional requests.

You can also request a call back or call us directly and we will consult you on all your interested questions.