Wedding cortege

We will help you to choose wedding cortege and offer different options for your trip around Astana city which will become your first family trip and we will also suggest you an option of using guest transportation services for the whole duration of your event.

Limousines which have become a part of celebrations for many newlyweds and should be presented in each wedding event.

Business class can be a perfect addition to a limousine at wedding celebration in Astana, three units of them or more will make a small cortege.

Premium class will add luxury and admiration of attendees at a wedding event.

Off-road vehicles will reflect importance of wedding events in the capital, having three units of them and more will make a serious accompanying cortege.

Minivans and minibuses will suit perfectly for transportation of your guests, and they will go on well with modern design style of a new model of vehicles.

Fill up a cost calculation request for a vehicle rent for a wedding celebration and be sure to specify:

- model of vehicle

- date and time of vehicle rent

- your additional requests

You can also request a call back or call us directly and we will consult you on all your intersted questions.